Brewing is an art, a science, a skill, a passion, a profession.  It is a chronicling of human progress and offers a snapshot of the tastes and rituals of ancient civilizations.  Fermented beverages were used as a health tonic, a currency, a token of good will across nations, and a sign of affluence.  Reliance on fermentation is a common thread across most, if not all cultures and the understanding of fermentation is one of the few things that link a village’s spiritual healer with an industrial Lab Technician.


The quest for a perfect fermented beverage has no endpoint, rather, it is an ongoing pursuit of excellence.  


Above all things, brewing is communal.


I am the head brewer of Better Booch.  I have been interested in fermentation for a decade, making my own kombucha, beer, sauerkraut, yogurt, cheese, pickles, corned beef, etc.  I have met some of the most genuinely interesting people and shared some of the best and worst homemade and professional creations.  I have seen glass carboys explode, drank beer made with live snails (accidentally), and consumed beverages described as “goaty” and “cat-pissy”, most I have even enjoyed.  My pursuit to create better batches has netted me a degree in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley and degree from the Master Brewer Program from the World Brewing Academy.  I have years of experience in the food and beverage industry and I have a network of friends who are also crazy enough to describe themselves as professional brewers.


My goal in writing this blog is to contribute to a community that I admire.  I would like to share my experience and knowledge to those who enjoy creating and consuming liquid art.  I aim to write entries every other week about some of the strange creations we have developed that were never intended for the shelves, about the nuts and bolts of brewing, and even about certain strategies that I have adopted that have made me a better brewer.  I would like to answer questions, provide advice, and eventually set up events where people can participate in our brewing sessions or at least try some of our creations.  Ultimately, I would like to give back to a community that has given me a passion, a profession, but most importantly, a sense of purpose.


Evan Julien

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