Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: How long is the shelf life for Better Booch?

A: The shelf life has been approved for up to 7 months. Technically, however, kombucha tea contains natural acids that act as preservatives, so it will never really expire; the taste may gradually become more sour. If refrigerated, the taste will be better preserved. We like to drink ours within about two months to ensure excellent taste. The shelf life won't change once opened.  


Q: I just ordered my Booch, when will it be delivered?

A: As long as we are in stock with your order, you should receive it within 48 hours. 


Q: What ingredients do you use in your Booch?

A: At Better Booch, we take pride in using only the freshest, most delicious ingredients. That's why we use Art of Tea, who recently won the World Tea Expo for Best Black Tea. We also use purified water (not tap) and non-GMO, organic cane sugar. For our flavored beverages, we only use herbal teas and botanicals.