Get a Better Booch subscription

This one is for all you booch lovers out there… We now offer subscriptions! Whether you’re drinking booch on the daily or mixing it into your cocktails on the weekends, we have a bunch of different delivery frequencies and quantities for you to cherry pick. 

Plus frequency is key if you’re drinking kombucha for its health benefits, so if you get a booch subscription your microbiome will thank you. 

And, as always, every part of our packaging is recyclable! We’ve spent countless hours sourcing the best options for sustainable shipping materials; when ordering from our website, your package arrives in a recyclable cardboard box, with recyclable shrink wrap, and infinitely recyclable cans


New streamlined text-to-order platform

New number, who dis? Better Booch! That’s right, we now have our very own phone number you can text anytime. 

844-4-B-BOOCH (844-422-6624)

Chat with our team (of real people, not robots) via text and ask questions, stock up on booch, update your subscription, or talk about puppies; you know, the important stuff. 

Text me, beep me, if you wanna reach me

Reach out to us VIA TEXT anytime at 844-4-B-BOOCH (844-422-6624). We can’t wait to chat!

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