What is Kombucha?

You’re an aristocrat in ancient China, and you have esteemed guests due at your estate for the weekend. Among the grand meals your staff has prepared, is a special fermented brew, made from tea leaves known as “the tea of immortality.” Offering a cup to your guest will signal that you hold him in the highest regard, and wish him a long and prosperous life. 

Today, we call this special fermented tea brew ‘kombucha.’ 

Talk about staying power – kombucha has been brewed for thousands of years, with the custom originating in China and migrating across eastern Europe throughout the centuries. The recipe, if brewed properly, remains simple and traditional – tea, water, sugar, and a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, or S.C.O.B.Y. Tea is combined with sugar and the SCOBY, and left to ferment for 7-14 days. The yeast in the culture converts the sugar into alcohol, and CO2 (natural carbonation), and the bacteria converts the caffeine from the tea and the alcohol created by the yeast into live probiotics and beneficial, detoxifying acids like acetic and glucuronic acids.

Ok, so what is kombucha good for?

The health benefits of kombucha are truly impressive; it’s no wonder cultures around the globe have been brewing it through the ages. Research shows that drinking kombucha has been associated with positive health effects, like: reducing cholesterol levels and blood pressure, the reduction of cancer propagation, and improving the immune system, liver, and gastrointestinal functions. As reported by this scientific study, drinking fermented beverages like kombucha can also contribute to positive mental health. 


Better Booch is packed with probiotics, adaptogens, and antioxidants. Analysis from Harvard Medical School shows that probiotics can aid digestion and help maintain gut health. According to Healthline, adaptogens have been shown to help people with cardiovascular health and certain neurological disorders, especially ones that may happen more frequently as individuals age. Which means kombucha isn’t just a young man’s (or woman’s or their) game, so stick with it for the long haul to really reap the benefits! 


The Mayo Clinic reports that antioxidants (like those found in our kombucha) are substances that may protect your cells against the effects of free radicals — molecules produced when your body breaks down food or is exposed to tobacco smoke and radiation. Free radicals may play a role in heart disease, cancer and other diseases. 


Is kombucha alcoholic?

Alcohol creation during the brewing process has become a serious concern for some of the most widely distributed brands available today, but at Better Booch, we’ve taken a more thorough, scientific approach. Ensuring that our kombucha brew is healthy, delicious and safe for everyone means that we have invested for years into perfecting the brewing process. Our passionate team of brewers (which includes a chemist, a microbiologist and a chef), has honed our method and we proudly brew up a truly live, raw kombucha that is one of the only verified non-alcoholic brands available. 

So, maybe you’re kombucha curious and just starting to explore with probiotics or fermented foods. Maybe you’re already a booch connoisseur who’s tried every brand on the market. Maybe you’re a passionate creative who needs a little afternoon pick-me-up that isn’t coffee. Maybe you’re an outdoor enthusiast who’s looking for the perfect drink to toss in your backpack and take on a hike. Maybe you’re a parent who craves something fizzy that isn’t loaded with sugar. Maybe you’re a clean eater who’s looking for a fermented beverage that doesn’t sacrifice on taste. Maybe you’re a busy entrepreneur who loves to try new things that are convenient to grab on the go but don’t compromise on sustainability. 

Whoever you are, kombucha is great to incorporate into your daily routine.

What Is Kombucha - Better Booch Citrus Sunrise Cans

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How kombucha is made the Better Booch way

When Trey started brewing kombucha for his sister, who was diagnosed at a young age with breast cancer, the kombucha choices on the market weren’t exactly known for tasting amazing. So, we set out to make a healthy kombucha that also tasted incredible. 

At Better Booch, we’re all about using a tea-forward, small batch approach that incorporates real, organic ingredients that are low in sugar and high in great taste. We’ve also worked meticulously (shout out to some sleepless nights) to keep our sugar and calorie-count the lowest on the market by only using teas, herbs, and botanicals to flavor Better Booch.

Not only are we passionate about brewing the best kombucha, we’re also committed to supporting the Program in Natural Therapies at City of Hope. ¢5 of every Better Booch can or bottle sold is donated to support the program which facilitates the development of nature-derived treatments into more effective, less toxic cancer therapies. 

Our Golden Pear kombucha is made with: pear, tulsi tumeric, and black pepper.
Our Citrus Sunrise kombucha is made with: grapefruit, sage, and pu-erh tea.
Our Ginger Boost kombucha is made with: ginger, lemongrass, and mint.
Our Morning Glory kombucha is made with: peach and black tea.
Our Rose Bliss</span kombucha is made with: rose petals, rose hips, and white tea.
Our Cherry Retreat kombucha is made with: cherry, vanilla, and bergamot.
Our Hola Horchata kombucha is made with: cinnamon, vanilla, and white tea, with hints of jasmine rice, star anise, and oolong tea. 

If you can’t pick a favorite, don’t worry, we got you. Try our ultimate variety pack and get a little bit of everything. 


The bottom line…

Kombucha has been around forever and it’s longevity can be attributed to the health benefits that come from drinking it consistently. What sets Better Booch apart from the rest is that we are obsessed with creating the healthiest kombucha that also tastes amazing, and maintains the lowest sugar and calorie-count on the market. 

Whew! That was a lot to process and now we’re thirsty for some booch! Let us know what your kombucha experience has been so far on social media @BetterBooch.