Variety Pack

16oz Can — 9 PACK
(13 customer reviews)

Can’t decide on your favorite? Neither can we! Each case includes nine infinitely recyclable 16-ounce cans in the below variety:

  • 1x Morning Glory
  • 1x Ginger Spice
  • 1x Ginger Boost
  • 1x Citrus Sunrise
  • 1x Golden Pear
  • 1x Cherry Retreat
  • 1x Rose Bliss
  • 1x Hola Horchata
  • 1x Hibiscus Healer

Contents may vary depending on availability.

Product ships in an eco-friendly recyclable cold package. Please keep refrigerated.

16oz Can — 9 PACK

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RAW AND REAL and great for your gut health! Better Booch is a 100% probiotic raw food packed with live active cultures, adaptogens, antioxidants, and, yes, all the benefits that come with them

13 reviews for Variety Pack

  1. Kristin Haluch (verified owner)

    Best Kombucha on the market! I absolutely love this variety pack, all the flavors are great.

  2. Rachel (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious! Right amount of sweetness and flavor, the bubbles are subtle and not overpowering. This is the first kombucha I’ve had where I’ve felt immediate relief when I’m having digestive issues. Love!!

  3. Sue

    So refreshing! The best and great customer service!

  4. Sarah (verified owner)

    Best commercial kombucha on the market! I love the unique flavor combos, and agree with another reviewer that the level of sweetness, carbonation, and milder overall “kombucha-y” taste are on point. Also love that I can order these directly, and in a variety pack!

  5. Sandra Lane (verified owner)

    Breaking News: Love me some Better Booch!
    All flavors! My new order went so smoothly this
    time. Thanks so much for the change to free shipping . . . appreciate that!

  6. Victoria (verified owner)

    When we first went on quarantine, I would go to the market and the kombucha was wiped from the shelves. I found you guys online and you delivered fairly fast. After trying your kombucha, it is the only kombucha I buy now. All the flavors are very tasty.

  7. Ashley D (verified owner)

    I’m relatively new to kombucha; I have stomach issues and the probiotics in kombucha help, in addition to giving me some extra energy sense I can’t drink coffee. I initially found Better Booch by chance at Whole Foods next to the kombucha I normally get. Better Booch was in aluminum cans (the other stuff is in glass bottles). I really appreciate that Better Booch is in cans; it stays colder longer and I know it can be recycled locally. Glass bottles look pretty and all, but they are heavy and they are much more difficult to recycle. I’m not even entirely sure our local waste company is actually recycling glass right now.

    At any rate, I wanted to try more flavors, so I started out ordering the variety pack. I just received my second box of the variety pack, which is proof of how much I like it! I enjoy all the flavors — I found it hard to just choose one. I do have some favorites: Morning Glory, Citrus Sunrise, and Ginger Boost are delicious. Cherry Retreat tastes like a cherry cream soda — very tasty! The only one I haven’t tried yet is the Hola Horchata, which I guess has been out of stock.

    I just wish we had a larger fridge so I could buy more than one box at a time; even fitting 12 cans in our fridge is a tight squeeze. Nonetheless, I’m really glad I found out about this company and that the products are available online. The boxes have arrived within a couple days of ordering, well-packed and insulated. It is great to be able to support a company with such great values and provides quality products, especially considering how many businesses are struggling right now.

  8. Joseph Knox (verified owner)

    Great Kombucha, but try and find it in a store rather than buy it online. However, if you do have to purchase this online, make sure you order it early enough in the week where sunday will not add an extra day to your delivery. My order was luke warm when I received it on a Monday. In addition to this, the product description for the Variety pack said it contains 1 can of the Hola Horchata flavor (the flavor I was the most excited to try as it isn’t available at stores in my region) but my box came with 2 Rose Bliss cans instead of 1 Rose Bliss and 1 Hola Horchata. Which I am pretty bummed about 🙁

    All of the flavors except for the rose bliss are a 5/5 for me and I do think this is the best tasting Kombucha on the market. I just wish I ordered it on a Monday and got the can of Hola Hochata to try out.

  9. Jessica Wyant (verified owner)

    Great quality and taste. Bubble to beverage ratio is perfect. I love all the flavors (although I find Cherry to be a little off for my liking). Ginger Boost is my favorite.

  10. Kathy (verified owner)

    Love this kombucha! Fast and great service too……even with correcting a shipping problem (the shipper, not Better Booch)! Highly recommend this to anyone. All the flavors are great which is why I can’t choose just one! The variety pack fits the bill.

  11. Kendall Stoner (verified owner)

    I’ve been drinking kombucha for a while and was really skeptical about buying a variety pack where I might only like the cherry flavor…well, cherry was my LEAST favorite! I will definitely be re-ordering and making my kombucha “mocktails” with Better Booch. They are the perfect amount of sweet and tart and I can mix them with a flavored seltzer to get my water in as well. Love these!

  12. Suzi Flores (verified owner)

    I have tried a few of the Better Booch from our local Whole Foods. Wanted to try the variety pack. There was no Horchata, but I think that is because it was out of stock. I was give two of the Rose Booch and yum!! I have since tried the horchata on my own elsewhere and am actually not a fan but I do absolutely love all the other flavors. I like to drink these when I am having stomach issues (I have a super sensitive stomach) and they help me so much. I love them.

  13. Andrew Melendrez (verified owner)

    Better Booch rocks. I loved all the flavors I received and it arrived cold to my home in New Mexico in a couple of days. I was a first concerned with the cans fizzing when I opened them but it was not a problem. My favorite is the morning glory.

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